Thursday, August 12, 2010

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na. Hey Jude.

Singing this song with about 18,000 like-minded people is a pretty cool experience.

Since I can remember, I have loved the Beatles. I memorized songs, read books, did high school projects about them, and of course checked out Liverpool while in the UK. So, seeing Paul McCartney (the cute one) is a somewhat surreal experience for me.

McCartney is somewhat of a mythical creature. Over 50 years in show business as the most successful musician/song writer ever, thirty two number one singles, he was (and forever will be) a Beatle, and is responsible for some of the most beloved songs ever written.That is a tough resume to top! And, it makes seeing him in concert a magical experience.

The opening chords of every song that was played solicited such an overwhelming response. It's just hard to imagine a better show. And the amazing thing is...he is 68 years old and seems to have stopped the hands of time. He played for 3 hours without ever stopping for a break. He still sounds great and was jumping around the stage like a mop-topped lad from Liverpool :)

I am lucky enough to say this is the third time I have seen Sir Paul McCartney and I hope it is not my last. As my shirt says: I <3 Paul.

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