Friday, August 13, 2010


This is my cousin Wendy. I recently discovered that we are kindred spirits :)

Wendy and her family used to live just down the road from me. When I was about 4 they moved to the Bruce Peninsula. There were infrequent visits, but more importantly there were LETTERS! Getting "real" mail from the mailbox when you're young (heck, at any age) is so exciting. Wendy was really good at sending me mail, including fun things like stickers.

However, over time, communication dropped off and we more or less lost touch. Family get-togethers were less frequent and our letter-writing dwindled. And then along came Facebook. Wendy & I became "friends" on Facebook and started a obsessive Scrabble-playing relationship! I love that she is always up for an online game!

As we have re-connected, I have discovered just how much we have in common. That is really cool. Inspired by my blog, Wendy recently started her own blog. She also loves baking, board games and fonts. Hmmm, sounds like someone I know! She also introduced me to "letter boxing" which I would like to explore a bit more when life slows down a bit.

We recently planned a family get-together where we were finally able to play a game of Scrabble face-to-face! I would like to take a moment to brag and say that I won by ONE point!!

Love ya Wendy!

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