Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm just a small town girl. Born and raised in ....south Petrolia (kinda)

This song kept running through my head on a recent trip to Toronto. I went to visit my friend Sarah who lives in Etobicoke, which for me equals Toronto. Visiting the big city is always a fun adventure but each time I am reminded that I wouldn't actually want to live there.

Take, for example, public transit. Wow, that is a crazy world! We took the bus to the subway to the streetcar, all the while cramming ourselves amongst the regulars. You see all kinds on public transit. And all smells too. Wow. I can't imagine herding myself onto those cars each day to be squeezed in between stinky bodies. Eww.

And the smells are not limited to the transit system. It's so strange walking down the street and out of nowhere, a stench will rise up to meet you. That is Toronto.

Awww, but it's not all bad! Sarah and I had a great day exploring the city. We started out in the Kensington Market area where we wandered around some cute shops and inadvertently joined a Chinese dragon parade ...??? We stopped for lunch at "I Feel Like Crepe". Ha ha...great name for a crepe place. We decided that we could not pass the opportunity to sample something from "Pie In The Sky" as well. This was a good idea at the time... best...pecan pie... ever... But, after finishing and running to catch the street car...not a good idea. Wow, my tummy was not happy with that decision!

The Harbourfront area, Sugar Beach and the Distillery District rounded out the day. We were exhausted but we sure packed it in! And what was that I said about Toronto not being all bad? Check out the TTC sign... ya, it's not that bad after all! (for a gum-phobic like myself)

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I love that photo!!