Monday, September 06, 2010


My nephew Jesse recently turned five. And with a birthday comes a special day with Auntie Janice. I had the idea that he would enjoy a trip on the train and everything just fell into place for that to happen. It was so much fun!

We boarded the train in London with Daddy & Liam sending us off. Liam was a little upset that he wasn't going and a few tears were shed. Poor guy. Jesse wasn't too worried about that. He was busy climbing on board and finding a seat. After being on the train about 2 minutes, he discovered the flip out tray that resides inside the arm rest. Wow...what fun! In...Out....In...Out... then he informed me that you could use it as a sunblock if needed! (it covered about 2% of the surface area of the window) We made use of the table for a few minutes to have a snack and then it was back in it's spot. And then out again. Ha ha. There was lots to see out the window and he chattered the whole way.

Our stop was Glencoe...about a half hour ride. So, it was perfect - no time to get bored! When we arrived, my mom and Aunt Peggy were waiting for us. I should clarify, before I share this story, that my Aunt Peggy is 85 years old and has had a nagging cough for most of her life. So, picture this: Mom & Peggy in the front, me & Jesse in the back. Jesse says to me: "Pop is not healthy." I thought he said "Papa is not healthy"...made sense to me. They call Nick's dad Papa and he recently passed away. I thought Jesse was just pondering this information. But, no. Then he says "You should only have it once in a while, for a treat. It's not healthy for your body." Oh. Ok... the penny drops and I realize he's talking about POP. I respond "Yes, that's right. Pop is not healthy for you." Then he looks at me, jams his thumb in Peggy's direction and says "I think she drank too much pop." What a kid. When we got to Mom's we explained that Peggy was not sick because of pop. :)

After lunch we headed in to Steve & Connie's for a swim. It was so adorable, when we got there, Madison had made a sign on the fence that said "Welcome to Our House Jesse". Awww. They had a blast together all afternoon splashing and jumping and snacking (of course). We picked up pizza for dinner and headed back to the farm.

As I said, it all worked out perfectly as I had read in the Petrolia paper the week before that they were showing the movie Wall-E at Petrolia Discovery and UWO astronomers would be on site with their telescopes.! We arrived and got our popcorn and watched Wall-E. I must admit...I didn't enjoy the movie. I thought it was kinda weird...but Jesse loved it. After the movie, we ventured out with our flashlight and glow stick to find the telescopes. It was pretty cool even though we had no idea what we were looking at! He was thrilled to get to look through. It was a late night for the little peanut as he didn't get to bed until 10pm!

The next day we went to church with Mom & Dad, went to McDonalds with them and the Berrys and then headed home. That one is going to be tough to beat!


amy said...

Remember when I had to do "the MAP" at the Discovery, and I had to go in at night with the overhead projector? I was terrified of that place in the dark! It sounds like Jesse had a great time with his Aunt Janice. What a lucky kid!!


Jan' - you are such a good person. You live life so full! This makes me miss our 'special day' that never happened even more. Do I need to ponder what I need to reschedule in order for us to make a day happen? I think so.
By the way, Bobby did get a full cast -- lovely colour, blue and will wear it until oct. 1st. He's been a trooper!