Thursday, September 30, 2010


Part of working at A channel is acquiring a "nick" name. Most of you are familiar with nick names, but I mean literally a Nick name. Nick Paparella assigns names to people and uses them relentlessly until they become a part of who you are.

My Nick name has been around almost as long as I have. It has a few variations, all stemming from "One-time Queen of the Furrow" ...Queen, One Time or sometimes the full-out version. For people new to the newsroom, they may think I'm a little arrogant when Nick calls "Queen" and I respond. Ha ha. Little do they know the constant harassment I live with.

It all started when Nick discovered I was once the Dresden Fair Princess. I'm not even sure how this topic came up, but he grabbed it and ran with it. To be honest, I was never trying to be royalty and it certainly was no pageant. I simply won a lot of ribbons at the Dresden Fair and the boy & girl with the most points were declared Prince & Princess. I was totally embarrassed when my parents made me ride in the parade through town. However, over time the story has evolved and I think most people I work with really believe that I was the Queen of the Furrow, a title bestowed upon a lucky lady at the International Plowing Match.

Last week the IPM came to Elgin County, just south of London. After a year of planning and buzz, Nick was in his element when he was able to do a story about the history of the "Queen of the Furrow". Of course, I was noticeably absent. He did, however clip a photo out of the London Free Press and paste my face on to one of the contestants. (yes, he's technically challenged...his version of photoshop) He could barely contain his laughter as he walked up to my desk and posted the photocopy on my computer. Classic. The best part was that one of my coworkers saw the picture and actually thought it was REAL!

So, while at the IPM on the weekend, I couldn't resist getting this photo. It just felt like I should :)

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Hee hee ... that is hilarious, Janice. Only you. Only you.