Friday, October 01, 2010


Yesterday, while stopped at a red light, I looked over to see a Harley rumbling beside me. The man on the bike was decked out in full Harley leather and I thought... I wish that was me. Is it really about the Harley for me? Do I know anything about bikes? No. It's all about the aesthetics. The Harley just looks good.

Earlier that afternoon, I had driven past a certain house that always catches my eye. As I drove past it, I thought to myself how important the outside "look" of the house is for me and when I it comes down to it, that will play a big part in my purchase.

These thoughts collided as I was sitting at the lights, beside the's all in the aesthetics for me. I am naturally drawn to thing (products) that have clean, defined lines, a nice use of space and generally look cool.

The car that I was sitting in...a beetle. Most recognizable lines/shape in automotive designs, I think. Do I love it because it is German engineered, has excellent safety ratings and is good on gas? No! While these things are great perks, let's face it...I bought it because it looks good. (better in yellow, but I digress...)

My laptop...same deal. Did I buy it because I love the operating system and all the technical capabilities? Heck no! That sleek and sexy design is what sold me.

When I look at a magazine, brochure or even an email, large blocks of text turn me off. There has to be lots of white space or it is a chore for me to read. What's worse is emails without paragraph breaks or even punctuation or CAPITAL LETTERS!!! Come on people. Not only is it proper grammar, it just makes it look nice!

So...that is my musing for the day. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the design.

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