Friday, June 04, 2010

So, while planning my trip to New York, I had a lot of people say that I should visit the FAO Schwartz toy store. Apparently the "Big" piano is there. Since I've never seen the movie Big, I wasn't really sure what the 'big' deal was.

Anyhow, we stumbled upon it ...just behind the ultra cool Apple store on 5th Avenue. We headed inside and wandered around. We saw the big piano and every other kind of toy, but none of us were really in need of toys, so we headed back outside. We rounded the corner and as we were walking down the street, something caught my eye. Through the glass doors and inside FAO Schwartz, I saw something very muppet-like. I stopped in my tracks and insisted we go back in.

I couldn't believe what I saw inside (and missed my first time around!). It was the  Whatnot Muppet Workshop . It was like a Build-a-Bear for muppets!! How cool is that?! There were 3 body types/colours to choose from and you got to choose the eyes, nose, hair, etc. I was too overwhelmed to actually build a muppet right then and there... and we had other things we needed to get to. But, someday, I want to go back and build a muppet. Wouldn't it be cool to make a muppet that looks like yourself?!?

Although I didn't build a muppet, I did purchase a miniature trench coat for Kermie. I've been looking for one since I got him and I was thrilled to find it! It came on a little hanger and in its own little garment bag! Ha, so cute! 

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....he looks so cute. Now all he needs is a microphone for his "man on the street" interview....