Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On Saturday night, we ventured on the subway down to Greenwich Village/Soho. We wandered around, taking in the vibe. We were definitely in a trendy/hip neighbourhood. Too bad I was still dressed from my day of walking around the city...including running shoes! Bah, embarrassing.

We found a pretty cool place and had some dinner and after wandering a bit more, headed back up to Times Square. We had the brilliant idea that we should find the Magnolia Bakery and get a cupcake (since they're open until midnight). Upon trying to navigate our way, we stumbled down a street that turned out to be a great twist of fate. As we were walking along, we discovered some temporary barriers and lots of people crowded behind them. My spidey sense was tingling and I realized there soon would be a celebrity sighting! Sure enough, we had gone down a street with the rear entrance to 2 Broadway Theatres. Soon after, we saw Kelsey Grammer and Catherine Zeta Jones exit from their Broadway productions. Too bad I forgot my autograph book at home!

~stay tuned for more tomorrow~

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