Sunday, June 13, 2010

OK, yes...after a bit of a delay, my final installment of my trip to New York.

After our brush with celebrity on Saturday evening, we were up & at 'em fairly early Sunday morning. When we arrived at Times Square, we discovered there was a Sunday morning market! It was fun to wander around and see what was up for grabs. I thought I might find some sunglasses, but never did find any that suited me. Same with I <3 NY t-shirts. I wanted to get one but they all seemed tacky. I was looking for something a little more subtle than the bright white version that appeared everywhere. (see footnote)

After meandering the market, we hopped on the bus and toured through lower Manhattan. Unfortunately, the microphone on the bus wasn't working. At first this was OK...we sat at the front and our tour guide (who had about 3 teeth) also sat at the front. But, as more people got on the bus, he moved further back and we could no longer hear Snaggletooth, as he became known. It's too bad as he seemed like he had interesting stories to tell.

After finally getting my cupcake at the Magnolia Bakery (deeelish, but a bit of a sugar shock) we lined up for Broadway tickets in Times Square. We were all flexible as to what to see so most of the time in line was spent discussing what to see. We settled on "Rock of Ages" and I'm so glad we did! It was fantastic. By the end of the show, we were all on our feet singing along to Journey.


After searching the whole city for a black shirt with gray letters, I ended up making my own. It was a cinch! I bought a black t-shirt and after a little photoshopping, printed off an iron-on transfer and ironed it on. perfect T-shirt!!


Anonymous said...

What is the.... <3NY ?
Thanks for the updates. 123

Janice said...

Mom... using the <3 together on a keyboard is like using a heart symbol. Hence, the I "heart" NY T-shirt. :)

LAURIE... said...

.... all I can say is ... I wish I was there with you. It is my dream you know to see New York ... and well, Nashville. Do I need to just make plans and do it? Glad you had a great trip. ;)