Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Day, Another Nephew Post...

Last week, I was pleased to attend the JK graduation of my nephew Jesse. I can't believe a school year has passed so quickly and Jesse is done his first year of school. When Jo-Anne mentioned there was going to be a special presentation at the school, I told her I would like to attend.

Honestly, I was expecting a somewhat more "formal" graduation. Pomp & Circumstance played on recorders perhaps? At least cardboard mortarboards! I think I had this in mind after remembering my own kindergarten graduation.

Regardless of the formality of the "graduation" it was still adorable to see such little tykes performing for us. There were 3 songs, each with actions. The first was about dinosaurs, the second was "Waving Flag" complete with choreography that included coloured scarves. The final song was "So Long, Farewell" from the Sound of Music. The lyrics were tweaked to reflect the fact that their school is closing at the end of the school year. All were very cute.

Of course, the most important part for both Jesse and little brother Liam was the SNACKS afterwards! Ha ha. I asked Jesse on the way home which song was his favourite and his answer was "the snacks". Nice. :)

Congratulations Jesse on a very exciting first year of school. I have enjoyed hearing about all the neat things you have learned, seeing the cool crafts you have created and most of all watching your little personality emerge. High five Peanut!!

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