Saturday, June 19, 2010

I recently celebrated my nephew Josh's 9th birthday with him. Each year the kids get a special day with me for their birthday. We've done some pretty cool stuff in the past from water parks to seeing the dinosaurs at JLC to the Air Show to painting pottery.

This year, Josh said he'd like to go to a ball game. The plan was to go to a Friday night Majors game here in London. The forecast, however, didn't look like it would cooperate. So, my back up plan was to see Shrek in 3D.

We all met at Jo-Anne's house for a rowdy (5 kids!!) pizza dinner and when it was time to go, I looked at the foreboding sky. Hmmm, looked like the rain could spill forth at any moment. So, I told Josh it was his choice... we could still go to the game, but it could rain. At first he said he would still like to see the ball game, but after a little consideration, announced that he had changed his mind and wanted to see Shrek.

The movie was really fun...even a few laugh out loud moments. Josh was settled in with the 3D glasses, popcorn, kinder egg and blue slurpie, so he was all set! On the way home, it started to pour if to confirm our decision not to go to the ball game.

In the morning we made pancakes for breakfast. Josh helped by measuring out the mix, cracking the eggs and letting me know when it was time to flip. They were dee-lish as we added bananas and chocolate chips! Yum. We played a little wii before heading for home. Nothing like a little bowling competition or 9 holes of golf in the morning.

Josh is a pretty cool kid. He is a man of few words, but once he opens up a bit, he is just so darned cute. I think he is actually a clone of my brother. Not only does he look just like John, who looks just like my dad, but they all share the same name! He loves the outdoors, fishing, exploring, nature...just like John. I wish we lived closer so I could pop by more often. Although I think he's convinced me to come to at least one football practice in the fall. 

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