Monday, April 05, 2010

Wow, I have been totally slacking off my blog lately. But, I feel like I have a good excuse! I'm very close to finishing off the 2 classes I've been taking at Fanshawe. So, I've been busy with final projects, quizzes and assignments. More about that later, but for now...that is my excuse.

So, where to begin? Well...I have a great story from April Fool's Day to share. If you watch "The Office" (and if you don' should!) you might familiar with this prank. When I watched the episode where Jim puts the contents of Dwight's desk in the vending machine, I thought it was pure brilliance. I was determined to play that prank.

My first thought was to get my friend Duane. He is always teasing me and giving me a hard time, so I wanted to get him back. The trouble was... he didn't really have a lot of desk content to put in the vending machine. And, he wouldn't find it as hilarious as me. Nope, bad choice. Perfect choice? Laurence! Laurence is another co-worker that was made for this prank for a number of reasons:
  • he loves The Office
  • he has many many desk toys/action figures, etc.
  • he has a great sense of humour and would totally appreciate the prank
  • he arrives in the morning and the timing would be perfect
So...I had a quick chat with the woman that fills the vending machines and getting the keys was a piece of (hostess cup) cake! I made my way downstairs with a box to collect Laurence's belongings. A lot of the pieces were too big to fit in the machine but I was able to find a few.

Ironically, Laurence has bobbleheads of Michael, Dwight and Kevin (The Office) on his desk. Perfect! I put Michael & Dwight in the machine and left Kevin on the desk with a speech balloon saying "I'm Hungry". This was supposed to point Laurence towards the vending machine...but apparently it took a lot of help from his coworkers to find his way.

Unfortunately I could not be there for the big reveal, but I did get an email from Laurence telling me about the awesome prank someone had pulled on him. I think he was "feeling me out" to see if it was me. I didn't let on. In fact, he didn't know it was me until I arrived at work and told him. I wasn't going to and let the mystery continue to surround it...but it was so good...I wanted to take credit! In hindsight, it would've been better had I taken all the items out of the machine but I wasn't sure just how far I should take it.

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Kathy said...

OMG..this is hilarious!! I LOVE IT...When do I get to see you?