Friday, April 23, 2010

On Sunday I had lunch with some good friends. I have worked with Duane and Debby since I started at /A\ almost 11 years ago. They have been like family ever since.

After Debby came back from maternity leave, she worked a lot of weekends and different shifts than myself and has since moved on to other pursuits. So, I have worked a lot more with Mr. Duane. I consider him to be like my brother. He is not, in fact, like my actual brother John. They are very different. But, I relate to him like he's my brother.

Anyway...on Sunday I went to their church and we all went for lunch after at Tiger Jacks. What a fun experience with the kiddies - Emma (8) and Colton (6). Colton was pretty excited to see that I drive a beetle and got to ride with me to the restaurant. He didn't stop talking the entire trip. We became fast friends. The jibber-jabber didn't let up even when our food arrived. Hilarious!

On the way back it was Emma's turn for a ride. She was considerably less talkative, but I did manage to find out that she plays hockey and her team party was that afternoon. Once we arrived home, we took a few snaps with the camera. Ironically, we have a very similar photo of me & Emma on the day I got my yellow beetle. I picked up the car, learned how to drive it (it was a standard and I needed lessons!) and stopped by to show Debby who was home with a pretty new baby Emma. She took these photos. And eight years later...see how we've grown. Even my car has's gone gray!

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