Sunday, April 25, 2010

Each year I marvel at how quickly spring comes upon us. I know this year has been an early start of sunny days and warm temperatures, but it still surprises me how the trees are brown and barren one day and the next day are bursting with colour. I love going outside and being surrounded by green!

I am fortunate to live in a lovely old neighbourhood of the city. When I go for walks I gaze at the gorgeous old homes with frilly pink magnolia trees and perfectly manicured lawns. I can't believe the size of some of the homes. Wow.

There is a really pretty tree outside my front window. I'm not sure what it is, but it is quite beautiful. Currently there are 2 daffodils and a handful of yellow tulips that have sprouted up too. I meant to take a photo when they first popped through...but I kept forgetting. Oops. But, now I will post these and say Happy Earth Day!

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Kim said...

Love that picture! (See I do read your blog.....and can comment too!!)