Friday, April 16, 2010

People watching is such a fun thing to do. Each individual is different than the next and sometimes observing human behavior and interactions is so fascinating.

Last week I was having coffee at Williams with my friend Murray. About half way through our time there, a young man in a business suit came in the door beside where we were sitting. Not an uncommon occurance. However, the young woman following him with a sizeable camera snapping photos drew my attention. They continued through the cafe and found a booth.

I tried to forget about this guy and continue my conversation but he was just so distracting! He was walking around talking to "himself" as he had a bluetooth in. He certainly was drawing attention to himself. So, we carried on...and then I noticed it. He was strolling around the cafe in his suit, talking on his bluetooth in his BARE FEET!

Now, I love the feeling of no shoes & socks and once sandal season hits, I don't look back. Walking around your home or even in the park in your bare feet, I can understand. But walking through a restaurant in bare feet? I thought that was kinda gross. And why? Why was he not wearing socks and shoes? Was he wearing them when he came in? Or did I just not notice the lack there-of? And why was someone snapping photos of him? Who is this guy? Is he famous? Finally I had to leave for work and none of my questions were answered. But, it made for an entertaining visit to Williams.

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