Sunday, March 31, 2013


There are certain moments that, when we reflect on them, alter the course of our life's path. These moments are usually a while building, but there is something that tips the scale to one side and pushes us to take action.

One of my moments was about 3 years ago. A few of us were sitting around at work discussing what the future held for local television and how that may affect us. One of the group was attending teachers' college and the conversation turned to career change and going back to school. We all wondered what that new path might look like.

About 20 minutes after our group dispersed, my friend Scrappy called me over to his desk. He had a bunch of papers printed/stapled and handed them to me. He said "I think I found your new career". When I started to look at the program offered at Fanshawe College, I immediately recognized it was for me. It combined all of the things I was interested in or had experience in. 

And, so began the seed of change that has now developed into a new career path. 

After discussing such things with friends, these moments can happen on a beach in Dominican Republic or while sitting at your cubicle in a call centre. It doesn't matter where or how the moment happens, but rather how you react to it. 

Have you had a moment that changed your life? How did you embrace the challenge and make the change?


Kim said...

Feb 2 2010 changed my life forever...we got offered a job at Teen Challenge in Winnipeg. It was such a God timed moment, that embracing it was natural - this from a girl who normally hates change lol.

Anonymous said...

Well spoken, Kim.
May God continue to bless you.