Friday, April 13, 2012

Capturing A Moment In Time

I have always been taken with the art of photography. I couldn't wait to get my very own camera when I was a kid. It was with guarded enthusiasm that I clicked the button. You see, back in "the day" cameras were loaded with film (which cost money) which needed to be developed (which costs money). It could take a few months for me to finish off a roll of 24 exposures and drop it off at the store for processing. Three days later you could return to pick up the prints and hope for the best. It was a gamble what they would look like until you opened that envelope.

As a teenager, I bought my first SLR camera and took a 6 week class at Clouse Photography in Petrolia. Film and processing was included so we were encouraged to snap away. It gave me a chance to be creative. I loved it!

Over time I forgot some of the specifics I had picked up about F-stops and aperture and the camera stayed in its case more often than not. I favoured the convenience of a smaller point and shoot. Then digital came to town. It was inevitable that I make the move. After all, it was much more convenient and just think of the money you could save on film and processing!

The progression continued with the move to a digital SLR and now an iPhone. An iPhone, you may consider a regression, but it's the social integration, convenience and ease of use that makes it essential. Once I discovered Instagram, I was hooked. Instagram allows you to do a few quick edits to your pictures and immediately post online. It's fabulous. I started following a fellow Londoner on Instagram recently that was posting under the hashtag #ldnviews. All photos of London and all great art. I was disappointed that I missed the art show but apparently there is one coming up in the fall. All using an iPhone and Instagram. Cool!

Some people just have an eye for photography and it shows. My friend Scott is phenomenal at looking at things from an interesting angle, seeing things from a different perspective and then capturing it. I'm still trying to figure out if you can develop that talent or if it's one you're born with. I will continue on my quest...

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