Friday, April 13, 2012

The Stats

As a nerd at heart, I get my kicks out of reviewing stats from my blog. I like to see how many people have visited and where they are from.

One of the trends I have found most amusing in recent months is that the most hits I get from google searches is for Carpenters Christmas Portrait. I blogged about it back in December while contemplating Christmas music. Surprisingly there are a lot of people that google that CD. I'm curious. Why the interest in a Christmas CD in February, March and April?

The other big hit I get from google is for "boobies bracelets". This is not surprising to me after writing about the corporatization of breast cancer here.

Other runners-up for top searches include: Connie's of Petrolia (my sister's restaurant), Fanshawe student card, Jian Ghomeshi and Scott Lightfoot (who knew?).

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