Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cowgirl and Hopscotch

I have previously blogged about adventures with my friend Laurie Lane and also of my love of country music. Last night they collided in an evening of great fun!

It seems like ages ago that I heard of Alan Jackson coming to the JLC. He's always been one of my favourite country artists, so naturally I wanted to go. I knew exactly who to ask to accompany me! Laurie is also a country girl at heart and enjoys some good foot stompin' music.

We started the evening at The Works on King Street. It is just steps from the JLC so it was really busy. But, that just gave us lots of opportunity to catch up. Laurie is one of those treasured friends and when we get together, it's equal parts roll on the floor laughter and honest-to-goodness heart to hearts. 

The Works is a pretty fun place to eat with a unique atmosphere. Lots of interesting things on the walls and their serving style is also cool. Our meals came in a metal cake pan and our drinks in a glass measuring cup! Delicious food and lots of hilarity from Ms. Lane. She noted that while I had my cowboy boots on, the most country she could rustle up were her "hopscotch shoes". I'm not sure why she called them that but it hit me as very funny.

Last night confirmed the special spot I have reserved for country music. The long and lanky Alan Jackson sauntered on stage and sang most of his #1 hits. I sang along with almost every word. I particularly liked it when the camera shooting for the overhead screens showed us a close up of his boots while he tapped his toe from side to side.

Someday, Laurie and I plan to hit Nashville to take in the Grand Ole Opry. It may take us years, but it just seems like something we need to do. Thanks Laurie for a great night out!

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