Monday, November 21, 2011

Silver Boots

I spent Sunday afternoon with my niece Abby. Twelve years ago, she made me an auntie which has been a pretty cool experience. And now, I can hardly believe she is on the verge of teenagerism and taller than her mom!

We spent the afternoon shopping while I got a glimpse of who she is becoming through her selection of stores and items she liked to look at and the constant chit chat about school, friends and things she thinks are cool.

Our first stop was Winners and when we wandered through the shoe section, I spotted what I knew would be the purchase of the day... silver sequined boots! Abby loved them and immediately tried them on. A perfect fit! We decided to put them "on hold" until we did some more shopping, just to be sure.

So we completed her Christmas shopping (one gift for her brother, one for her sister) and also picked up a sweater and t-shirt for her. But, we ended up back at Winners for the silver boots. She was over the moon!

We stopped at Coffee Lodge on the way home for a hot chocolate/coffee and I discovered her favourite subjects at school are very similar to what mine were. Music, art, french and she's good at math but doesn't like it. I played the grown up card and told her it would be a wise move to take french as long as she could and keep it up as a language. We also talked about music and I tried to educate her about my faves - explaining who the Beatles were and also the genius of Paul Simon :) I found out she's making a claymation video at school and I can't wait to see it!

A great day spent with one of my favourite little people (who's not so little anymore) AND...I was pretty proud when someone said she looks just like me. That's pretty cool.

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