Monday, November 28, 2011


For the past several years, I have faithfully listened to Jian Ghomeshi host a show called Q on CBC Radio. If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge fan of CBC Radio. So, when the former Moxy Früvous-er hit the airwaves, I tuned in. The national show which focuses on the arts reminded me of Morningside, which I loved. Yes, I believe that over time, Jian has become the next generation's Peter Gzowski. Less rumpled and better looking but a silky voice that so easily asks the right questions with, what I might add, a bit of an endearing stutter sometimes that is reminiscent of my beloved PG.

When I saw a tweet last week that Jian should bring his Q show to London's Aeolian Hall, it sparked my interest. That would be fun! What ensued was a full-on competition amongst a handful of Ontario towns, all vying for the privilege of hosting the crew. That one little tweet from London, Ontario has sent thousands of Ontarians into a social media frenzy while bringing communities together.

For example, some of the offers made by Londoners include donations to charity of web design, film production, music and art lessons...the list goes on. Isn't that so cool?

To contribute to this campaign, I decided to play on the recent interview Jian did with Kermit The Frog. (Yes, I was elated to see my favourite radio host and my favourite Muppet come together) My idea was to have Kermit endorse London with a few photos around town. Take a look: 

Kermit officially supports bringing to
's new friend Kermit the Frog gives London a thumbs up. He thinks Jian should bring to town.
Hopefully London is successful in its bid to bring Q to town. The winner will be announced December 8th! If you want to get in on the campaign, use the hashtag JianInLdnont, check out (and like) the Facebook page, the YouTube video and use your creativity! My tech-genius friend Carmi and I have been nerdily enjoying this whole process. Check out his blog here.


Carmi said...

May the Q Force be with us! If London wins this thing. Janice, you deserve some stage/mic time for turning up the wick with such creativity. Go #LdnON!

Laurie said...

Jan, that is awesome ... from one Q lover to another ... here's to bringing Jian to London! And I would agree with your friend Carmi - Jan needs some serious air time with her friend Jian!!!!!
(we are so kindred spirits...i listened to Peter Gzowski too...for years... great descrip of him).