Monday, November 21, 2011

It's the best iPhone yet.

I am smitten with apple products. The effort they put into their design is amazing... and they are beautiful to look at! So, when the iPhone 4s was unveiled, it started me's time for an upgrade. My poor phone had been slowing down and I even had to revive it a few times.

A friend was upgrading to iOS5 the night it was released and updating me on how cool the new features were. I watched the video online and finalized my decision to upgrade.

After a lot of fanangling with Rogers/Bell/Rogers/Bell...I opted to switch to Bell. It's a fantastic plan that includes 10 numbers that I can call anytime for FREE ...anywhere in Canada! This facilitates cancelling my land line! Plus I get my 35% discount for being a Bell employee. Sweet.

The iPhone 4s really is the best iPhone yet. I can talk to it...and it talks back! It provides me with answers to questions, will read my texts to me, will type my texts as I say them aloud and has FACETIME! Video calls between me and other apple nerds...very cool.

So, yes...I am completely enamoured with my latest accessory. The only downside is that I wanted white. (apparently there have been issues with the white phones cracking. Boo to that.)


Laurie said...

Hmmm ... I am trying hard to decode this blog post? Information Technology?, Into Treats?, Irrational Thoughts?, Irma Thompson? Itsy Teepees? Am i thinking too much here?

Laurie said...

ack! So now you fixed it! I get IT now. ;) hee hee

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...
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