Wednesday, March 03, 2010

This is my aunt Peggy. She is one special lady. 

When I was growing up she lived just a few minutes away, so I saw her all the time. In fact, I clearly remember her babysitting the day Charles & Diana got married. Through the years, I've spent a lot of time with Peggy and discovered she is an amazing person.

She was born prematurely, and as she likes to say...they used a man's handkerchief for a diaper! Her given name is Cathleen Irene, but when an Irish neighbour came to visit, he said that was too big of a name for such a small little baby. He determined that she needed a good Irish name like "Peggy".  Well, the name stuck and 85 years later that is how she is known in family circles.

Peggy has such a kind heart and giving spirit. She would do anything for just about anyone. For many years she has put others before herself and never complained once. She has a strong determination that has kept her living at home, by herself and driving her own car...and she just turned 85!

In January, she fell through the night and broke her hip. I was really upset when I heard the news. I could not believe my eyes when I stopped by the hospital the next day. She was sitting up in a chair and telling me how good she felt! The nurses all agreed that she was a feisty one! In fact, over the past few years, whenever a trip to the hospital was required, I was always amazed at her attitude and how well she recovered!

After suffering a heart attack, she was flown to London in a helicopter. When I popped into her room to see how she was doing, she told me it was pretty exciting to be in the helicopter, but more importantly her attendant was a "very good looking fellow". Ha cute.

She has made great improvements since her hip surgery and is now back home. She is not letting this slow her down and I'm glad. I am proud to call such a lady my aunt. Can't wait to visit for some salmon sandwiches Peggy!


Anonymous said...

Great words in praise of a lovely lady!!
Yes, she has determination and a zest for life. Nothing going to stop her, I'll say. Cheers to you, Peggy and kudos to you, Janice as well, for developing and maintaining such an amazing relationship with your Auntie.Hugs.123

LAURIE... said...

Precious, Jan, just precious. God has blessed with using words to touch people's hearts ... your Aunt seems like a very special lady indeed. :)