Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On Saturday I said good bye to my Aunt Mary. I was honoured that the family asked me to say a few words at the funeral. I wrote down what I wanted to say and thought I had composed myself. However, when I stood at the front and looked into the front row and saw Mary's son Roy and his wife Elaine, and their 2 children Wendy & Dan, well, that's when my voice got a little wobbly. I did make it through and this is what I said:

When I was small, Uncle Cliff and Aunt Mary lived just down the road. That was a long time ago and too long ago to remember any details. But, I do remember enjoying Mary's company. I think it's because she was an adult that acted like a kid.

Around the time they left for Tobermory, Mary gave me a small book. It was called "My Jesus Pocket Book of Nursery Rhymes". It contained a collection of classics with a slight twist. I loved that book and nearly wore it out! I still have that tattered and taped little treasure.

When Cliff & Mary moved up north, it was the beginning of a long standing pen pal relationship. What a thrill to check the mailbox and find an envelope addressed to me in that familiar scrawl. Without fail, it was written on the same multi-coloured paper and following the numbers at the top was a must as they were never in order.

Each letter contained the same information: a weather report, a description of her animal friends and an assurance that she was thinking of me, talking to me and praying for me. I will truly miss her.

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LAURIE... said...

You have such a circle of beautiful women in your life, Janice. Your Aunt Mary sounded very special indeed.