Monday, March 15, 2010

One week ago I had a rare but delightful evening out with my dear friend Laurie. In December we went to see Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe. One of his musical guests was a Matt Anderson. We were so taken with his powerful voice and stage presence, that when we discovered he was returning to Centennial Hall in March, we decided to snatch up 2 seats right at the front.

Since Laurie lives in Brights Grove our friendship is unfortunately mostly online. So, it was so great to spend some real face time together! We headed out for a little dinner and "catch up" at Cafe One on Richmond Row. When true kindred spirits are together, the conversation is easy, the laughs come from the belly and the time passes far too quickly. Soon enough we had to head out for the show.

Centennial Hall was just across the way with Victoria Park standing between us. It seemed like a good idea to stroll through the park. At the time, we didn't know what was before us! It was dark and it seemed like the paths we needed to take were blocked with piles of dirty snow. We ended up tiptoeing our way through through the bumpy semi-frozen terrain of the park!

The concert was great and so was the company. Love ya Laur!

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LAURIE... said...

Awe, love you too, Jan! I agree, kindred spirits indeed. Love Matt, but loved being with you too!