Friday, March 14, 2014

You've Got Mail

Who doesn't love going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope? Proof that someone has taken the time to not only think of you, but sit down and put pen to paper. I have always loved sending and receiving mail.

Even as a kid, I would write letters and send stickers, etc. in the mail to various cousins, pen pals and friends. It was always a highlight when I looked out the window and the red flag was up on the mailbox. Although most days it was just an assortment of bills for my parents, occasionally there would be a coloured envelope with my name scrawled on the front.

Throughout my college years, I had a few friends that were fantastic at this whole postal mail thing. Email was in its beginning stages and was far more convenient. But getting a colourful packet in the mail containing not only a letter or card but photos, personalized crossword puzzle or a mixed tape was WAY more exciting than an email!

These types of letters slowly faded from my mailbox. As time passed, I was the one getting the bills. However, there would always be a flurry of coloured envelopes in December and for a week or so in mid-March. You could always count on Christmas cards and birthday cards.

Well, it seems that is not true anymore. My birthday is on Sunday and I have received two cards in the mail. One from my Grammie (old faithful!) and one from my insurance agent, of all people! Now, don't get me wrong. I get plenty of birthday wishes in the form of Facebook messages, tweets, texts and phone calls. I still feel the birthday love. But it's different. Years from now, I cannot pull out my rubbermaid tote and look through my birthday tweets. I can't run my fingers over the handwriting on my Facebook wall.

Time have changed. And though I'm all for new technology, I long for the time of good old fashioned mail.

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