Wednesday, March 05, 2014

We arrived at the Air Canada Centre precisely at 8pm. After receiving our ticket receipt (more on that later) we made our way to our section. I liked the view of the stage when we entered the stadium. We were stage left in the 300's but a nice spot. In fact, when the usher directed us to our seats, I was surprised to see our 2 seats were a row of their own. That meant not having to accommodate the constant stream of people leaving to get drinks, go to the bathroom, etc. Perfect! And we were only 3 rows up from the front of the balcony.

Just as we sat down, the lights dimmed and Sting and Paul Simon walked out on stage. Talk about perfect timing! They started the show together with Brand New Day followed by Boy In The Bubble and Fields of Gold. Great way to start the show!

Throughout the night, they took turns in the spotlight, occasionally singing together. I must say, Sting did a fantastic job on some classics like America and Bridge Over Troubled Water. 

One of the best parts of seeing your favourite artist live is hearing the different arrangements of those treasured songs. This show did not disappoint. The stage was filled with musicians - I couldn't even count them all! Trumpet, trombone, french horn, accordian, plenty of guitars, keyboards and at one point I tallied FIVE drummers playing on the same song.

Things wrapped up with a multi-song encore with the two of them paying tribute to the Everly Brothers' When Will I Be Loved

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