Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monster Jam

I absolutely love the tradition I have of celebrating my nieces' and nephews' birthdays with an experience rather than a gift in a box. Not only has it allowed me some special one-on-one time with them, but it has also led me to do things I never would have done otherwise.

This weekend was one of those times.

Jesse turned 8 last July and more than anything, he wanted to go to a monster truck show. Since there wasn't one happening in the area I told him he could choose something else or wait. He chose to wait.

This weekend his wish came true and we went to Monster Jam! (imagine those words in the bigger than life voice that comes with the territory) As you can imagine, this is not something I would have done without his urging, but it was a fun time spent together.

He showed up at my house on Friday night and could not wipe the smile off his face. He was super pumped. We decided to play a few board games - Yikers is always a favourite and I taught him how to play Pass the Pigs. Then we tried Sorry! Who knew it was so fun? Not me. Honestly, we had such a good time. Just when you thought you were going to win, you got bumped back to start. The game lasted almost an hour! Sorry! was such a hit that we played another game in the morning, while still in our jammies and before the pancakes! He won both games, but not without a fight.

We hit up the "Pit Party" before the show where he could get some pictures with the trucks/drivers. He was quite taken with the whole thing. I was quite taken with him. Together we had an awesome day and I look forward to many more.

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