Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dave Matthews Band

Someone once told me that the music you love in your teen years will be the music you love forever. I have found this to be true.

I discovered Dave Matthew Band while still in high school. They were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live and when they played "Ants Marching" I was smitten. Since then I have always loved their sound: an eclectic blend of horns and fiddle combined with Dave's distinct voice. Awesome.

So, when my friend Laura asked me if I'd be interested in seeing DMB this summer, I thought it was a great idea. Initially we thought about lawn tickets at Molson Amphitheatre, but opted for seats instead. Unfortunately, we missed the seats that were under the cover. Fortunately, Laura is a smart girl and when she saw the weather that morning, she called TicketMaster and was able to switch them for tickets UNDER the covered part of the amphitheatre.

Despite the rain and chilly temperature, we had a great afternoon wandering downtown. Because it was pouring rain, we lingered a bit at dinner, opting for dessert instead of the opening band. I think this was the best option, really. Who wants to get caught in a downpour and be soaked for the rest of the evening?

We found our seats just as they started to play Tripping Billies. I was happy to hear an old song, as I haven't been keeping up on studio albums for a few years. As we made our way down our row, I couldn't help but notice we were surrounded by some Über fans! I consider myself a fan, but I could not sing every word to every song. My concert neighbours could. In fact, I wondered if they looked at me & Laura with disdain because we were not part of their world.

My favourite part of the show was when they played Ants Marching. Afterall, it was the song that turned me on to the band so many years ago AND I have never experienced them do it live before.

It was a great show, awesome music and about time Laura and I did something like this! (interesting side note: I saw the same band with Laura's husband about 10 years ago!)

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