Thursday, June 20, 2013

S'mores and Salsa

This weekend I had the privilege of hosting my Colombian friends for a campfire. Marcela and I work together but have quickly become much more than just coworkers. Instant friends and, dare I say, kindred spirits.

I have gotten to know her adorable family and invited them over to my patio on Saturday night. I didn't realize until they arrived that this would be their first time having s'mores! Yes, it's true.

Martina was a little scared of the fire at first, but, after a while she was right up there with the roasting stick. Matias preferred the marshmallows raw. When Marcelo tried to get him to try a toasted one, he just kept saying "caliente" (hot).

Before long we were having a salsa dance lesson. It was so cute seeing the two little ones dancing. Matias just liked to kick his right leg - his signature move! Ha ha.

We capped the night off with some sparklers, another first for the kids. Again, a little scary at first but pretty fun after they realized it was ok.

This is exactly why I love having a house. Having a backyard. We had such a great night just hanging out on the patio. Thanks Marcela & co.


Marcela Ochoa said...

Ohh my friend! My family and I just love you so much! We had a great night! ... And yes, you are my favorite Canadian besides Matias! :0). XOXO

Marcela Ochoa said...
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