Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Geo-Caching Adventure.

Last weekend I went on a geo-caching adventure with my nephew Josh. We were celebrating his 12th birthday.

My tradition is to do an experience gift with each of the kids and sometimes it is tough to come up with new ideas. However, I knew for months that geo-caching would be perfect for Josh. He is an outdoorsy kinda guy (just like his Dad) and has excellent attention to detail. Great attributes of a cacher (is that what they're called? I just made that up)

The day started out a little gray and chilly but soon warmed up when the sun peeked through the clouds. Our first stop was Purdy's Fish Market. It was the opening weekend for their riverside take out. Perfect! We enjoyed our fish & chips while sitting right beside the water. I must admit it, I had my hood up...but the fish was still yummy!

We parked the car at Canatara Park and set out for our first hunt. After orienting ourselves with the app on my phone and the compass, we located it! Success! In case you're wondering, geo-caching is like a treasure hunt with GPS coordinates. Most of the ones we found were just a log book that you sign and date and check "complete" on the app.

It was a lot of fun, as our adventure took us all over the park: down by the beach, near the animal farm and even climbing over/through trees in the wooded areas! We finished off the day with some ice cream in Point Edward.

I really enjoyed my day with Josh. He is such a neat kid. He doesn't say a lot, but takes in everything. He notices the smallest detail and more than once pointed out a small turtle in the distance or a certain type of duck swimming in the water. I was amazed at how knowledgeable he is about such things. I'm sure it comes from countless hours spent with his dad.

Happy birthday Josh! Love ya loads.

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