Saturday, February 04, 2012

Happy Birthday Peggy

I am happy to be celebrating a day that I wondered would actually arrive. The past year has been particularly hard for my Aunt Peggy but today she is marking her 87th birthday!

The majority of this year was spent in and out of hospital, a colon cancer diagnosis and surgery followed by 3 more months in hospital. During this time, I realized that attitude really is the most important aspect of recovery.

I can clearly remember sitting on the edge of Peggy's hospital bed in June. She was telling me about sorting through some things at her house and discovering how many projects she had to do. In fact, she would need to live until she's at least 90 to finish them all! I do not doubt that I will be celebrating her 90th birthday in three years.

After losing my Grandma Mills when I was 6, Peggy has played a "grandma" role in my life. She lives about 10 minutes away from my parents and I was at her house several times a week when I was a kid. She was a part of our family and was at most birthday parties and celebrations. Her kind nature and giving personality makes her a real jewel. Every single member of my family thinks so!

The reality and seriousness of the many hospital visits hit me over the past year. During this time, I struggled with the thought of losing someone so incredibly close to me. The very idea terrified me. It is not something I wanted to think about but sometimes when I was driving home from the hospital, it inevitably filled my thoughts. I decided not to dwell on what could happen but rather enjoy the times we could spend together. I must say, I walked away from those visits feeling encouraged and amazed by this tiny little lady and her attitude.

Peggy got to go home just before Christmas and her health has been constantly improving since. One of the "projects" mentioned earlier is to make a "Bible Quilt". She made one once in her youth and decided she'd like to make another. Apparently it is made up of 12 blocks that are embroidered with a scene from the Bible and then pieced together in a quilt. We talked about this quilt a lot during her hospital stay - something to look forward to. I promised that I would come over and spend a day working on it. I guess she'll have to teach me what to do, because we've booked next Saturday as the day! I hope she hasn't finished it yet, as she's been working on it every day.

So, today I'm celebrating one of my favouritest people! Happy birthday Peggy!

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