Monday, October 03, 2011

A Nova Neighbourhood Discovery

I really like finding new little treasures in my neighbourhood and this weekend I discovered one more. On Saturday afternoon, I was meeting my friend Jodi for coffee and she suggested meeting at Nova Era Bakery. She had heard it had good food but had not been before. I had also heard it had good food, so we decided we should check it out.

It's in a very convenient location...just a 10 minute walk from my house and as luck would have it, Saturday afternoon was perfect weather for an afternoon stroll. Ironically, neither of us was hungry when we got there so we opted for drinks only but decided we would need to return to sample the food. The display case only contained a huge assortment of delicious goodies!

It was really nice to have a lazy afternoon of catching up over coffee with Jodi. This might just be my favourite thing thing to with friends. So much, in fact, I spent yesterday afternoon doing that with my friend Kim and tonight I'm meeting up with Amanda and Sarah for coffee.

Do you have a favourite spot to meet up with friends?


Laurie said...

Awe, so nice. Shall we book our coffee date?

Rachel said...

We have a Nova Era in Kitchener too, although I have yet to check it out.