Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Barcelona

Is there anything more appealing than the Barcelona chair? Really?

When I bought my house, I started thinking about the atmosphere I wanted to create in each room. I loved the idea of a light and airy, modern, sleek living room.

Purchasing new furniture is a daunting task: you need to consider size, style, colour... I'm glad that I took my time and lived in the house before making any decisions.

I knew that I did not want big, over-sized "bulbous" furniture. I prefer the clean lines of a modern home. The Barcelona chair had always been on my radar so when I found a set at a liquidator in Sarnia, I was very excited!

It has been a few weeks since the Barcelona has made my house its home and I must say, we are getting along well. It feels rather luxurious to sit on cream leather and it looks so sexy! Quite possibly the best aspect of my new furniture is when I walk in the door to the smell of leather. (sorry to all you animal-lovers, but it's true). Now...I just need to get that cow-hide throw for the floor.


Laurie said...

Well now, isn't that sleek and lovely! Makes me wonder if you will ever want to come sit on my old 'bulbous' furniture ever again? :)

Rachel said...

Ohhhh, the Barcelona is beautiful, way to go on scoring it at a deal too! I love modern furniture and design as well. I bet it looks lovely at your place.