Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wiggling with Liam

My nephew Liam turned three this summer and as is the Auntie Janice tradition, we got to spend a special day together. There was a bit of a delay from the time of his birthday to the big day, but there was good reason. We were going to see the Wiggles at the JLC.

Liam is an adorable and rambunctious three year old that loves music and dancing. So, I thought The Wiggles performance would be perfect for him. I, in fact, am a long-time fan of the group from down under. Well...ok maybe not, but I took my niece Abby to see them 8 years ago. Jo-Anne had Liam practicing his dance moves and by the time the big day arrived he was primed and ready to go!

I picked him up at daycare and we headed downtown. After a walk around the Covent Garden Market, we stopped for a special treat - a cupcake. We checked out all of our options, and Liam picked a nice chocolate one with a pumpkin candy on top. He was very careful while eating the cupcake. I'm not sure if this was to avoid getting messy, or more likely, to ensure every bit went into his mouth. It was hilarious to watch this whole procedure!

The Wiggles performance was apparently either under or overwhelming as he wasn't interested in singing nor dancing, but rather going to my house to make "scary pumpkins". We had made the mistake of telling him that we would be making jack-o-lanterns after the show. So, we ended up leaving the Wiggles behind and digging our hands into cold slimy pumpkin guck! What fun.  


Anonymous said...

that is one cute kid! :)


You amaze me, Janice! I'm sure Liam had a fab time with ol' Auntie Jan'.