Sunday, November 21, 2010


Happy birthday to my sister Connie. Today is her birthday...which falls exactly 7 days after my sister Jo-Anne's birthday.

Sisters are such a unique and awesome relationship, I always feel a twinge of sadness for girls/women that don't have a sister. Sisters can drive you crazy or be your biggest support. You can tell your sister things that you would never dream of telling anyone else and expect the same in return.

My sisters couldn't be more opposite. It really is an interesting spectrum that I am right in the middle of!

Jo-Anne is the oldest and 8 years my senior. When we were kids, this age gap seemed huge and as a result I was the annoying little sister! I didn't know I was so annoying until years later when she broke the news to me. Devastating!

As we got older, she moved out to go to school and I moved into her bedroom. Finally, my own room! Jo-Anne has always been an excellent encouragement, always knowing the right words to say and giving perspective when you're in the middle of a situation and can't see things from the other side.

Now that we are adults, Jo-Anne & Nick and their boys have become a big part of my life. We both live in London and are able to connect more often because of the close proximity. She is always very thoughtful in including me in their family and I love being a part of it.

Connie is next up from me in the line. We shared a room until we were teens and had a pretty tight bond because of it. We would stay up late talking...mostly me asking about her exciting life and listening to her stories...because she was older. Lots of time was spent playing with Barbies, baking and tons of craziness. She could make me laugh with the simplest things.

Even after she moved out, I would hang out at her apartment (and later her house) and often stay over. When I think of Connie I think of spontaneous putting up the Christmas tree at 2 in the morning... just because we could! With Steve and Madison in the picture now, we still have the same fun...just with more people. I'm so lucky to be part of their family too!

So, I'd like to wish both of my sisters an awesome birthday and say thanks for the memories, moments and hope there's lots more to come! Love you lots.

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