Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Etiquette. Is it dying?

I have recently come back from an "etiquette lunch" at Fanshawe. It was offered to all students in my program as an optional experience. The lunch was at Saffrons - a fine dining room at Fanshawe . Throughout the lunch, we got tips on what is acceptable and expected during a business lunch as well as more formal parties.

For the most part, I think I have behaved acceptable in the past...however, did you know you are supposed to tear a small piece of bread and put it in your mouth rather than biting it off? Hmm. I did not! It was pretty informative and the food was really good!

The thing I thought was ironic, however, was that during the tutorial people were talking to those next to them with total disregard for what the host was saying. There is nothing that bugs me more. I have noticed this a lot lately, whether it is in a meeting, at church, or the biggest offender - in class. I think it is so rude, not only for the person that is supposed to be speaking, but also for those that want to listen.

OK...I'm stepping off my soap box now. Thanks for listening.

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Agreed! This happens OFTEN in our staff meetings and I get such a burr under my butt!!