Friday, September 04, 2009

This week I said good bye to one of my favourite co-workers.

I met Murray for the first time when I was doing my internship in Creative Services. We were shooting PR in ER at Registan Rugs with Suzy Burge and it was my first “field trip” out of the building. After we wrapped up, we went to Eastside Mario’s for lunch. We were fast friends as we discovered we both grew up on a farm and had similar experiences in our early years.

Since then, Murray has been one of my closest friends here at work. He’s been my sounding board and advice-giver. He’s also helped me move, pretty much every time I’ve changed addresses(comes with driving a truck) and given me a boost when I had a dead battery. He’s installed a hammock for me and is always good for ways to get rid of pesky rodents.

One of my favourite stories about Murray was the day I bought my VW Beetle. I was so excited to go and pick it up…I just had one problem. I bought a standard shift and I had no idea how to drive it!! So, my ever-patient friend went with me, drove it off the parking lot (I was afraid of hitting a brand new car) and spent the afternoon teaching me how to drive it!

I will definitely miss all the chats we would have in the hall, lounge, parking lot or control room discussing religion, relationships, family and everything in between. But, we will hopefully meet up for the occasional breakfast at Riverdale or Archies.

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