Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's hard to believe but my niece Abby turned 10 this July. Double digits! I remember waiting for her arrival...she was my first niece. In anticipation, I got my aunt Peggy to teach me how to quilt and made my very first (and only) quilt. (I was pretty proud of it)

Last weekend Abby came over to celebrate her birthday. It was raining and the perfect day to spend indoors. So, we headed to Clay Cafe in Stratford. It is a cute little spot that you can paint your own pottery. After browsing the selection, Abby picked a turtle trinket box. The shell lifted off to reveal a little box to keep small treasures in. I decided to do a couple of small plates.

I have to say I was surprised by how involved Abby was in painting the turtle! She took great care to pick just the right colours, outlining different spots and giving multiple coats. Before we knew it, the afternoon had disappeared and we were getting hungry. We were able to leave our projects on the table and come back to them later.

We wandered off to find some dinner. We decided on the Elizabethan Restaurant where we shared a chocolate shake, and each got a grilled cheese with fries. Then we headed back to finish off our projects. As I watched Abigail carefully painting her turtle (red toe nails and all) I realized how grown up she has become. I also see a lot of myself in Abby and I like that. John has told me before that he has often mixed up and called her Janice as she reminds him of me. Cute.

After a sleep over, we spent the afternoon with Auntie Jo-Anne, Uncle Nick and Jesse & Liam. We did the hokey pokey, chicken dance and just about every other "action song" I have in my repertoire. On the way home we stopped to take Grammie a coffee at work and finally home to Mom & Kaelyn. (the boys were on their fishing trip)

I always enjoy time spent with my nieces & nephews. Each and every one is so adorable in their own unique way.

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