Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's hard to believe, but my little peanut is THREE! I've called Jesse "Peanut" since Jo-Anne told us she was pregnant and said the baby was about the size of a peanut. It just kind stuck. Jesse is the only one of my nieces/nephews that I was "present" for. And by present, I mean I sat in the waiting room on the incredibly hard benches for what seemed an eternity. Since he lives in the same city as me, I get to see him more frequently than my other kidlets. He's a pretty cool little guy who's currently passionate about Lightning McQueen and his buddies.

Liam came along 2 years (almost exactly) after Jesse. I wasn't able to be in the waiting room for him as I stayed with the Peanut. Over the past year Liam has emerged as a really good natured little sweetheart.

A few weeks ago we celebrated 2 birthdays for 2 boys in 1 party! It was a lot of fun, presents, cake, and noise! Following with tradition, I made a tickle trunk for Jesse, complete with some really cute costumes. It was a big hit. Especially after he watched some of my Mr. Dressup DVDs! Instead of lootbags, the kids all got a superhero cape with their initial on it. Everyone except Josh put them on immediately (I got to borrow Josh's...good thing we're both J's) and the funny part was that Jesse insisted on stripping to his underwear when he put his on. He became Captain Underpants!

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