Sunday, September 14, 2008


This was what my bathroom looked like this morning. No, I was not the victim of a violent crime. Just the victim of a bottle of OPI "I'm Really Not A Waitress RED" nail polish.

I was rushing to get ready to go to a bridal shower for Karla Ann. I was pretty much on schedule, in fact a little ahead of schedule, when I reached for the hairspray. Before I knew what was happening, there was a crash and a rather large splash of red everywhere. Fortunately I hadn't gotten dressed yet so I didn't ruin any of my clothes but my leg looked like I had just fought off a knife wielding assailant!

I quickly decided not to wear the dress that I had planned on and opted for pants instead. Removing that much nail polish from your skin is no easy task...especially when you have to leave the house in 20 minutes. But, I was able to get most of it off and leave in time for the party. However, I left the spill on the floor until I came home. I little nail polish remover and an SOS pad did the trick.


Anonymous said...

WOW.... When I clicked on your blog...I got scared...crime scene...what the....
Glad it was just nail polish!!!
Love you!!!Mum

Anonymous said...

Were you there when Amy Kennedy broke the bottle (I think it was actually broken already and being held together by the lid) of "I'm Not Really a Waitress" the day before my wedding in our living room?!! Perhaps that colour is cursed!!

Janice said...

You've got to be kidding me!?!?! No, I wasn't there. I'd definitely remember that!

Claire Colvin said...

All that drama AND the loss of a perfectly good bottle of polish. I'm Not Really Waitress really is one of the best nail polishes of all time.