Friday, March 02, 2007

To Tattoo? Or Not To Tattoo?

For the past few years I've been kicking around the idea of getting a small tattoo on my lower back. After much consideration, I determined I'd get an autumn maple leaf. I'm very proud to be a Canadian and fall is my favourite season. (and I much prefer realistic foliage to the stylized leaf of the flag) Up until now I have been too chicken to actually get the tattoo. However, I decided to give myself a 30th birthday.

Guess what is looming in the near future? Yes, my 30th birthday. So, now the time has come. To tattoo or not to tattoo? That is the question. I've been polling people for the past week, with mixed results. I've heard everything from cute to sexy. And then there's the flip side... "tattooing a woman's lower back is like sawing a violin in half". (well, that's a little dramatic) It's the only place I think I would consider getting one, and besides...I'd never have to see it!

So, until I am absolutely certain, my back remains a blank canvas.


Anonymous said...

I thank God for the last line....keep it a blank canvas

Karen said...

Hey Janice:
Check out Leviticus 19 vs 28 before you make your decision.
Love Karen

Carol-Ann said...

Hey Janice,
I think a maple leaf would be a tasteful and beautiful choice. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Happy b'day Janice! I always figure that you get to celebrate the entire week, and so technically it's still your birthday! I personally prefer piercings, you can always remove those easier when you wake up and think "what was I thinking?!".

See ya soon!

Emily Z

Debby said...

Don't do it! Well, not on your lower back at any rate. I've heard that you can't get an epidural during childbirth, if you have a tattoo on your back. So, if you really want one, just do it somewhere else, because you really would want to have an epidural, trust me, I had a 10lb baby, yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice
I'm glad you decided (I think you did, didn't you?) to NOT get a tatoo. Why should you deface a beautiful body? You haven't pierced your ears so why a tatoo.....Please don't.