Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The roar of the engine, the smell of diesel fuel, the rush of wind as you fly across the open field. This is snowmobiling, and I had forgotten just how fun it is until Sunday. Jason & I headed out to John & Karen's house in the afternoon. After bundling up in snowpants, scarf, hat, helmet, etc. we were good to go. Apparently I was taking it a little fast around the corner of the yard on my second time around because I TIPPED it! Yikes!! It was a gentle tip and soon we were back on track. (whew, but I took the corners a little more cautiously after that!) It was super cold on Sunday and my face felt like it was going to crack and fall off, but it was so worth it to whip across the vast expanse of white snow.

When we had enough, we headed inside and played a rousing game of "Polly Pocket" With Abby. A unique game where your little doll-player starts out in her underwear and you have to make your way around the board to find the pieces of your outfit. Being the super-shopper I am, I was able to get my top, skirt and purse before anyone else and won the game! Wahoo!

John went and picked up pizza from Alvinston (I had no idea you could order pizza in Alvinston) and we finished it off with apple pie. Jason & I were both introduced to a new concept from John: maple syrup on apple pie! After dinner I discovered my severe lack of skills at foosball and after a demonstration of Josh's newest suction-cup gun, it was time for the kids to head to bed and us to head back to Petrolia (just in time for the Superbowl)

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