Thursday, March 22, 2007

The big day has come and gone. Last Friday I turned the big three-OH. It actually turned out to be a great day! For some reason, I had been letting the number bother me, but I decided it was just another birthday and one to I did!

I started the day off by going to Tetherwood Spa with my sister Jo-Anne. It was such a great way to begin my birthday. We lounged in the sun room with a coffee and then had a relaxing spa pedicure. It felt so great, and our toes looked fantastic!! We had to wait for the polish to dry, so we headed back the sun room for a while.

Then I met Char for lunch. Being the old woman that I am, we met at Swiss Chalet for some chicken. Yes, I know...BORING...but why mess with a good thing? I love the chicken!! After lunch we headed out to do a little shopping. Overall, it wasn't terribly successful, but I did manage to get a new black sweater and an INSPI(RED) shirt from the Gap. I'd been wanting one for a while, so I thought I might as well pick it up then.

After an afternoon of shopping I headed home to get ready for the evening. Jason picked me up and we went for dinner at CASA Restaurante on King Street. What a fantastic place...great food, nice atmosphere. Unfortunately we were running a little late, so I kept a few people waiting at the Palasad! It was all good though. By the time I got there, everyone had figured out they were all waiting for me and were well acquainted!

I was so glad to have so many friends come out to join me. If you were one of them, I'm sorry I was running from table to table the whole night and not able to spend a lot of time with anyone in particular! I guess that's how it goes. But, I do appreciate you coming out to celebrate! If you weren't at the Palasad, I'm sorry I missed you!

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