Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Mother's Day and Such...

On this day 2 years ago, I met a very important young man. A little red head that I now call son.

I must admit, I was nervous to meet Cody. Things were going so well with Devin, I was afraid of rejection from his son. We agreed after knowing each other a couple of months that we were ready for the two of us to meet. We made plans for Saturday, May 9th - which just happened to be the day before Mother's Day.

I parked my car and anxiously walked to the door. I was met by a grinning Devin. He was so excited to see me! He called Cody out of his room and introduced us. At first he was shy - hiding behind Devin - but that only lasted about 2 minutes. Then he wanted to show me his room and his toys. 

Devin knew that it was going to be a special day for each of us and he wanted to make it memorable. He wouldn't tell us where we were going until we got there. As we rounded a corner, Cody could see a helicopter through the sunroof of the car. He commented on that and Devin said "do you think it would be fun to ride in one of those?" Yep! We were going on a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls! (it's worth noting that Devin lived about 30 minutes from the falls)

What a day! We hovered over the falls and enjoyed the gorgeous view, but I don't honestly remember a lot from that ride. I was too overwhelmed with what God was doing in my life. I knew that He was putting the pieces of my family together.

Cody has been such a blessing to me and the bond we share is quite remarkable. I didn't know that I could love someone else's child this much. Although he is my stepson it doesn't feel that way. He has welcomed me into his life with open arms.

This morning at work, I found this note in my lunch bag. Oh my heart. I can't believe how fortunate I am.

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