Monday, May 22, 2017

After a year... are you still "newlyweds"?

A year has come and gone since I became Janice Drysdale. It's hard to believe! In one way, it feels like we've been married for so long because it was such a natural transition. In other ways, it just feels like yesterday that I was a single gal longing for all the things that are now my reality!

I'm so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. He's patient and encouraging, always making me laugh, he's handy - completing lots of projects around the house and he balances me. When I worry about every last detail, he is carefree and trusting God. It has been such a wonderful year.

But, it's funny how life doesn't go the way it is planned in your head. I never would've imagined my first year of marriage being so chaotic:
  • moving two houses and all the boxes that go with that
  • selling my beloved Beetle and driving a pick up truck
  • helping a child settle into a new school
  • becoming an English tutor as we help Cody learn to read
  • basically crash-coursing how to become a parent and deal with discipline, learning expectations, responsibilities, etc. Yikes!
If I imagined that I would be choosing my first anniversary card for my husband while standing in the grocery store - with the clock ticking - I would have thought that was ludicrous. Not me! Cards are far too important to be rushed. In fact, they should be hand made.

LOL. Hand made. What a joke. I haven't even had time to put together the photobook of our wedding! Gone are the days of having current annual photobooks. I haven't created one since I met Devin.

One day, life will settle down and I will once again enjoy the things I once did. But for now, I'm immersed in the moment of being a wife and mom. And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's what I've been waiting my whole life for.

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Anonymous said...

When perusing through some of my "handmade" cards designed by you, I sat yesterday and re-read them and relaxed in the 'Memory Moment' - how delightful to have such a commemoration to review in the years ahead. XO