Thursday, April 06, 2017


One of my favourite memories with my Grandma Mills was listening to her stories. Stories from
when she was a girl or when my dad or his siblings were little. Those stories - told over and over - fascinated me.

Stories from my other Grammie were equally as alluring. Tales of growing up in England, falling in love with a Canadian soldier and her adventures in raising a young family in a new country were mesmerizing!

Several weeks ago, I was thinking about this and how I need to be sharing my own stories with Cody. Well, no sooner had the thought entered my head and we were right in the middle of it.

We were in the truck driving back from Niagara when Cody asked if we could listen to the radio. I suggested we leave the radio off and talk for a bit. Honestly, I had not thought of sharing stories - just thought it was an opportunity to have some family discussion. His response was "Tell me all about your first Beetle. Tell me what you were doing when you got smashed into and what happened after. I want to know everything."

So, for the next two hours, I shared true stories of my past with Cody. It was fun! I was surprised by what he thought was interesting. After I detailed the demise of my beetle, I shared with him about Dad getting his toe chopped off, my first time on an airplane, and my first trip to Marineland. (quite the range of topics!)

The questions didn't end when we got home. On Tuesday morning, it was just the two of us for breakfast since Devin was away doing some training for work. While I was preparing things, he asked if we could "do that thing again like we did in the truck". He wanted to ask more questions. Awww. So, over breakfast we discussed more tidbits about me. His fascination was really adorable.

I started writing this blog post yesterday and before I could finish it, last night Cody found my Blook (a photobook printed from my blog) and sat down to look at it. While I made dinner he poured over the photos and asked questions. While Daddy & I were having a conversation, he didn't want to interrupt us, so he put some bookmarks in the pages he had questions about. When we finished he said "Emmy, I have a number of questions I want to ask you." Ha ha ha. Who is this kid?

It's funny how things take care of themselves. I didn't need to worry about making time for stories. The stories took care of themselves!

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