Monday, August 10, 2015

Questing with Maddie

Celebrating birthdays with my nieces and nephews is always a fun event. Lately I've been playing catch up for birthdays past... this time was with Madison.

I know how much she enjoys puzzles and figuring things out so we hit downtown London for an Urban Quest. I first discovered these adventures a few years ago when I took Abby out for her birthday. We had a great time and I've done them a few other times as well.

I let Madison take the lead on finding all the clues and taking notes. She's a really clever girl and the ones I thought I might have to help her with, she got on her own! We had a great afternoon criss-crossing the downtown before ending up at Victoria Park for a cold smoothie and an endless supply of jokes. Ha ha...this girl does love riddles and jokes!

Thanks for the memories my dear Maddie! It was a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both had a great day.
Bless you Janice for being such an awesome Aunt!!!