Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birthday Boys

To celebrate these two cuties, we spent the day at Eastpark in London. Jesse & Liam are 2 years and 2 weeks apart, so when they both wanted to go to Eastpark for their special day, I decided to break the tradition of one-on-one and we all went together. What a fun day!

We started at the batting cages. They were eager to start swinging but in the beginning it was tough to make contact with the ball. But, by the time we were done they were actually doing pretty good! I tried my hand at it as well and I was not prepared for how much it hurt my hand when I hit the ball! I had a ring on and with each crack of the bat, I would wince as that ring was getting pinched and hurting my finger. Ouch!

Next up was the go-karts. So fun! Liam is too young to go by himself, so went together. What a hoot as we raced around the track - pedal to the metal. We stopped for some lunch and then hit (quite literally) the bumper cars. I wasn't expecting them to be so fun but we had a blast slamming into each other. We wrapped up the day with a rousing game of mini-golf and ice cream.

These two boys are each unique but both full of energy, curiosity, and plenty of love for Auntie Janice. We had such a good time.

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