Sunday, April 20, 2014

Memory Lane

It's funny how, despite our expectations to the contrary, time does not stand still. When you're a teenager or even in your 20's you're living in the moment, life is good and getting older seems like a lifetime away.

I've been feeling nostalgic lately with subtle reminders of the passing of time and this weekend was a great example. We gathered yesterday for an awesome Easter dinner, egg hunt for the kids and some family time. After dinner John had the idea to watch an old VHS tape of a fishing trip he took with Dad and his friend Joel over 20 years ago.

The men and some of the kids watched the video while the rest of us chatted or played a game. I occasionally looked up to catch a glimpse of a lake, a forest or the highway. When that video was over, we started rummaging in the drawer under the TV to see what else was in there. We found Mom & Dad's 25th anniversary party, Christmas 1991 and one that contained Connie carrying the Olympic torch in 1988.

As we put those in the VCR, everyone seemed to stop what they were doing and gathered around to watch. What fun to see how we looked 20 years ago! There were lots of other family and friends that popped up and the room would burst into laughter, exclaim "look at her hair" or let out a collective "awww".

I must admit, I got a little teary when Grandad came on the screen and especially when I heard his voice.

It was great fun to relive some memories from the past and it was such a reminder of how time moves on. John remarked that he is now the same age as Dad was in one of the videos and I pointed out the same to Abby.

Can't wait until next time we get together. I have a great tape in my basement I'm going to bring :)

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